Oli Container, Recycled Clear

SKU: 1104263965

SR 190.00
Inspired by vintage olive jars, the Oli Container is a multifunctional glass container that can be used both as a storage container and as a vase. Made from 100% recycled glass, the versatile container features distinctive little bubbles that are created by deliberate pockets of air left between the layers of mouth-blown glass. When not in use with the container, the generously sized lid can double as a serving tray. Both decorative and practical, the Oli Container is ideal for open-storage kitchens.

100% recycled mouth-blown glass with bubbles. Variation in color and bubbles may occur due to the material.

H: 19.5 x Ø: 13.8 cm

1700 mL

Dishwasher safe.

Jar: H: 16.7 x Ø: 13.8 cm Lid: H: 5 x Ø: 11.1 cm Volume: 1.7 l.

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