By Others is a design and lifestyle concept store for those who seek to bring beauty onto their everyday lives. With passion for all things beautifully crafted, we provide our customers with a curated selection of articles by leading design houses from Scandinavia and beyond. Our aspiration is to create a venue of pieces where artful living and storytelling meet.

Our selection is carefully and individually hand-picked to achieve one simple guiding principle we live by: elevate the quality of our surroundings, and the objects we interact with daily, to flourish our own well-being and of those we love. Starting with our homes—where the story of our life unfolds—we bring pieces that spark an everlasting connection. Pieces that are simple, yet full of energy. We believe in character over mainstream, longevity over whims, and minimalism over materialism. Above all, we care about uncompromised quality and abundant beauty, so your pieces live on to tell your life story.

The pieces we showcase in our store are all brought to you by the finest designers who manifest Nordic living. Our collections include furniture, lighting, decorations, accessories, kitchenware, children design, self-care and beyond. Some of our pieces are bold and audacious for the daring souls; others are simple and elegant for the gentle spirits. Despite the variations in our collection, all pieces featured in our store are made with due care, ethical conduct and sustainable means.

We cater for those who strive to create a personal space that convey their character and spark special moments. Those who understand aesthetics beyond the surface and appreciate the balance and harmony it bestows into their lives. We aspire to help our customers in their voyage through endless inspiration and lifelong memories.

We are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and serve the entire Middle East region. We encourage our customers to contact us at with any questions, suggestions, or requests, and our team will respond at the earliest opportunity.