Spaghetti Numbers

رقم المنتج: M3187

SR 196.00 SR 280.00

Our eclectic and adventurous Alphabet Spaghetti has found its way back, this time from 1 – 10. Copenhagen-based All The Way to Paris has created the Numbers Spaghetti that shares all the expressions of their older siblings. Let this graphic art print help create a fun environment in which your little ones can learn their 1, 2, 3’s.

Frame not included.

Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system.

مطبوعة بطريقة الأوفست على ورق 200 جرام غير مصقول (جودة أرشيفية، معتمدة من FSC)

H: 70 x W: 50 cm

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